Sunday, June 5, 2011

Juvenile Crows Take a Bath

I've built a cascading water feature in my yard that is designed to attract birds. There are several bathing spots and different depths. Today I watched some juvenile crows explore the water.One was less cautious than the others. You can see he has already jumped in the water. (The blur in the background is the most hesitant--he waited in the cottonwood trees for quite a while.)The first one in took a long time bathing.The next sibling was very observant.Looks like he figured it out.The two of them took a stroll down the stream bed when they finished and found a few things to snack on.Then, back up top to join the rest of the crowd and preen for a while.


  1. I love crows, it looks like these guys (and you) had a blast!!

  2. Love how inquisitive they are. For being all black, you still can identify their expressions as they take the learning process in. So smart and endearing.

  3. You nailed it. It is so easy to read their body language--it is what caused me to use them in my work. I never intended to become so involved with crows, but when I started taking photographs and studying them I was entranced. Have you seen the photo series on
    My first photos were the ones in the Juvenile section. These photos were taken in Redlands, California.