Friday, January 2, 2009

Crow on the Roof Tile

aka: Environmental Graffiti

Our roof slopes on either side of my studio deck. Warm and sunny in Southern California, so I thought, Why not try just using water through one of my stencils? The tile was so hot that it just soaked up the water. I figured I'd have to be ready quick with the camera.

The "test" left a lovely dried halo to enhance the outline and you can see one wet spot that hadn't yet been absorbed.

Reminded me of the reverse graffiti artists who use cleaning solutions through their stencils to leave their images on dirty city walls. Moose (Paul Curtis) has been cleaning the UK for about 10 years. Check it out:


  1. how did you do this one???? just with water on the roof tile? amazing.

  2. Yes, just water. The sun was on it and it was HOT. I tried it, it worked, so I "painted" it again and the edge was created by the first time where it had dried. I would like to do more, it was so much fun.