Monday, January 19, 2009

Torn Paper Towel Crow

This negative-space crow was challenging and fun. I nabbed a paper towel from the ladies' room at a restaurant (it's cool, isn't it?) and thought I could just "draw" the crow with water and then tear it out. Not so fast Kemo Sabe. The water just wicked throught the paper at lightening speed--well outside the desired crow outline. I had to let it dry a little and call on a pair of tweezers for edge-plucking of the outline. It was fun.


  1. This one might be my favorite one yet! I love the lines of the paper towel that run horizontally. How fun.

  2. Thanks. I am starting to realize that the photography is a big part of this project. I was attracted to the towel at a restaurant. I didn't notice the shadow from the fold until I downloaded the camera. I love the way it is diagonal.